The Snappet Method

Our K-5 core math solution allows teachers to monitor student progress in real-time as they progress through their learning. 

Embedded and ongoing formative assessment gives teachers the data they need to inform their instruction. The data dashboard makes it easy to monitor and analyze student progress saving teachers time to focus on instruction.

Differentiated instruction and adaptive learning technology allows teachers to personalize learning for every student at every level. The Snappet AI engine constantly adapts the pace of practice, providing a unique personalized learning path for each student.

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The Snappet Method

How does the Snappet Method work?

  • Lesson
  • Instruction &
    Guided Practice
  • Independent
  • Small Group
  • Exercise &
    Adaptive Learning
  • Lesson

Teachers can easily select the lesson plan they want to teach

Lesson plans, question cards, and data are provided for teachers to plan their whole group instructions, independent practice, and small group instruction.

Teachers can monitor student responses during the lesson and address misunderstandings as they happen or accelerate when appropriate

Teacher-facilitated instruction is done by using the ready-made guided example problems that provide real time student feedback.

The teacher dashboard records every response in real time from the guided practice session, independent practice exercises, small group instruction, and adaptive learning exercises

The teacher has instant visibility into the progress of every student no matter where they are in the lesson and can intervene when necessary with small group or whole class instruction.

After working on this learning objective, Snappet indicates which students would benefit from small group instruction

These ready-made lessons are designed as intervention support for students that are struggling with the grade-level content. Teachers have the option to introduce this support at any point during their lesson based on the real time feedback the program provides.

Snappet’s adaptive learning technology makes it possible to individualize and personalize your student’s practice

Students progress at their own pace as the program continually calculates their optimal difficulty level. Recent studies have shown that our adaptive technology produces drastic improvements in student engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. It also saves teachers time to focus on teaching and not grading and grouping.

Snappet’s reporting tools provide educators with the data they need to be excellent teachers

These data reports group students by performance level based on their responses during the lesson. Reports can be viewed by learning objective or state standard and are printable and downloadable. Teachers can also access extra lessons for students that are still stuck and in need of additional intervention. For students that have reached or are still growing towards their targets, adaptive working sets can be assigned to help further their growth and keep them challenged.