What is Snappet?

Snappet is a digital method of delivering curricular content for elementary education that makes time in the classroom more effective.

Its comprehensive platform contains instruction, practice exercises, and student monitoring in real time.


Interactive Platform

  • Dashboard for the teacher: The teacher provides instant information on the work of students with easy tracking by color legend.
  • App for students.


Aligned core curricular content

  • Core curriculum mathematics content.
  • Aligned to state and Common Core standards.
  • Theory and exercises strengthen understanding and support the teacher’s explanation.


Support for Districts and Schools

  • Support equipment for schools and teachers.
  • Help Desk: Phone support.
  • Training and Coaching: Six professional development sessions and continuous follow-up.


Snappet Tablet

  • The teacher controls what content is available for students on each tablet.
  • The tablet comes with a protective cover.
  • We supply schools with a central main charging point.
  • Snappet ensures the connection between platform and tablets.