The Snappet Method

Mastery Learning

Snappet, a fully digital solution, allows teachers to monitor student progress as they move through the curriculum, easily analyzing the data in real-time.

The Artificial Intelligence engine adapts the learning path for each student, placing emphasis on areas of need. As it constantly adapts the shape and pace of learning for students, each student has their own unique personalized learning path.

Snappet is a safe and open learning platform for both remediation and enrichment that challenges each child to develop optimally.

Snappet is a digital learning platform of curricular content. Its comprehensive approach contains instruction, practical exercises, and real-time monitoring of each student.

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How does the Snappet Method work?

  • Using provided lesson plans, the teacher instructs the whole class, while the students answer practice questions on their individual tablets.
  • Snappet follows the flow of your textbook content.
  • During whole group instruction, the teacher presents the lesson to the students.
  • Students do assigned and adaptive exercises on their tablets both in the classroom and at home.
  • The teacher sees how each student responds as they move through the lesson.
  • Snappet allows for easy grouping of students for small group instruction.
  • Students work through adaptive exercises according to their level and areas of need.
  • In this way, students progress at their own pace.
  • The software continually calculates the level of each student based on their responses.
  • Aligns to the textbook quizzes and tests.
  • Reports provide data necessary to see class progress through the curriculum.

Why is customization important?

Supports students where they are in their learning, whether on, above, or below grade level.

Classrooms are more efficient as teachers can work with small groups while other students progress at their own speed.