About Us

Our mission

Snappet’s mission is to improve elementary education through the use of new technologies. With Snappet and 1-to-1 tablet usage, all students have access to a personalized education by working on their own learning level.

Snappet is available for grades 2-5 and is aligned to state and national standards.

Our goal, through extensive support and professional development, is to ensure that the use of technology in the classroom makes excellent teaching easier for all.

Our history

In 2011, Martijn, Floris, Bas and Xander created the Snappet Foundation after observing through their children that the approach to learning  had not changed since their own elementary school years. To create Snappet, they relied on scientific studies to identify best practices for effective education.

After intensive field research, the development of the project and various tests, Snappet was launched through a pilot program in 15 Dutch schools in May 2012. The experience of these schools was so positive that Snappet decided to continue its development and expansion. The platform is in continuous on-going development, most recently incorporating the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Today there are more than 350,000 elementary students in 7 different countries using SNAPPET daily. In 2019, Snappet launched in the U.S. education market, where schools are seeing similar success to that in Europe.

Snappet International